14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 7th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology

Be a part of the young career activities at ECCE/ECAB 2023

Science Slam - Sept., 19th, 2023, 5 pm, Room A4

Are you interested in how to tackle climate change while producing alcohol or unraveling mysteries of condensation reactions and many more topics approaching current challenges? Experience the latest research presented in an exciting, vivid, and cheerful way by our sincere slammers fighting to win the title of science slam champion of ECCE ECAB 2023. Get inspired and vote for your favorite contestant!

The following participants take up the challenge:

Nicolas Hayer (RPTU Kaiserslautern)

Daniel Klueh (Technical University of Munich)

Luca Mastroianni (Universita di Napoli Federico II)

Paul-Danut Paunas (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)

Maria Voccia (University of Barcelona)


Please find further information about the Science Slam here.

kjVI Youth Programme - Monday to Wednesday, Room A7

The kjVI Youth Programme is intended for young scientists, primarily undergraduates and doctoral students, who are considering starting their careers as young engineers. With our programme, we want to promote on the one hand the exchange of students among themselves, but also the exchange of students with industry. Thus, in addition to company presentations, the Youth Programme also includes the finals of our student competitions chemPLANT and ChemCar.

Youth Programme

kjVI - kreative junge Verfahrensingenieure

ChemCar competition - Sept., 19th, 1:15 pm, CityCube Café

In the VDI ChemCar competition, model vehicles driven by (bio)chemical reactions enter the race. The goal is to reach as accurately as possible a distance that is only drawn shortly before the start of the final at ECCE 2023. The student teams can score points in the poster competition with their innovative idea, but also with a convincing safety concept and a good presentation. The first three winning teams can look forward to prize money provided by high-ranking companies in the chemical industry.

Deadline for  informal registration was 31 March 2023


chemPLANT competition - Sept., 20th, 1:15 pm, Room A1

The chemPLANT competition calls for theoretical knowledge and practical skills in process engineering. The goal of the student competition is the exchange of ideas and knowledge between companies and students. Each year, a consortium of industrial companies sets a concrete task from topics such as digitalization and Industry 4.0, process planning and conceptual design of new plants, or sustainability in the chemical industry. This year's task will be published on 12.04.2023. The three best teams will present their elaborated conceptual design in the final at ECCE 2023 and can look forward to prize money provided by high-ranking companies in the chemical industry.

Deadline for registration was 10 April 2023




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